About Us

“We dream painting, and we paint the dream”

Founded on 1 August 2014. We are a team of dynamic creators, who transforms inspiration of human beings into art. This art is further crafted(hand-painted) into your daily life, so that the art piece is not kept in a showcase, instead you display your love and passion for art yourself in form of various accessories we paint for you. The paintings are on your daily life essentials like T-shirts, Frames, clutches, etc.

We do customisation to the paintings as per your needs.

Description of work

We take the best quality fabric available for the painting to be a durable master piece. The paintings are inspired by the culture and heritage of the world. A t-shirt takes about a minimum of six to seven hours and many even takes 2 days to get painted. The t-shirts are 100% washable. The high quality fabric and paints ensures the durability of the t-shirt as well as paintings – making it an ART-cum-FASHION accessory.

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